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UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl
UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl
UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl
UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl
UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl

UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl

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You give the little one(s) something to eat, but as soon as you turn around, it’s all over the ground!

We know how you feel! The UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl comes equipped with a full 360° rotating bowl and gives you a winning edge over parenting by keeping your baby’s food in the bowl - and off the floor - no matter which way it turns!

This intuitive new product is so brilliantly simple you’ll wonder why it’s not in every guidebook to better parenting solutions. The UnSpill™ Anti-Spill Baby Bowl saves time and wasted food by rotating in any direction to stay level with the floor and is play-and-temper-tantrum-friendly. 

gyro bowl for kids

WHY GET THE UnSpill™ Bowl?

✅ SPILL PROOF DESIGN — Great for babies and kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess. Easy grip handles allow kids to hold the bowl without much effort.

✅ DESIGNED FOR KIDS — Kids love snacking out of this gyro bowl. With its unique gyroscopic design, kids can reach into the bowl for their favorite snack without making a mess.

✅ PERFECT FOR SNACKS — Anti Spill design, the inner bowl with gyroscopic motion can rotate 360 degrees to keep dry food inside and avoid food spilling.

✅ 100% SAFE TO EAT OUT OF — Made of food grade PP material, safe for your kids to use. Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe, just wash it gently in warm water or put it in dishwasher.

Perfect for the outdoors, picnics, at the table or just about anywhere in the house, the Magical Baby Bowl is dishwasher safe and cleans effortlessly after every use — making meal time faster, easier, and more cheerful than ever!

All benefits at a glance:

 Spill-proof, baby-proof, & parent-friendly
 Shock-resistant and highly-durable
 360 degrees rotating bowl
 Fun for the kids — eating with a twist!
 Dishwasher safe
 Non-toxic materials
 No more spills and wasted food
 Spend less time cleaning and more valuable time with your baby


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